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Project Engineering

Our mission
The project engineering team serves as the link between the client and WiDE. It relies on its expertise in industrial processes, its creativity and its mastery of WiDE to support our clients with defining, structuring and deploying applications that improve their decision-making processes.

Our role is to quickly help each user to take advantage of the power of WiDE.

Meet the engineers
Learn from the team how it feels to work and live at WideTech. They share their professional vision with you.

“I share the same ‘top sport’ standards as the one of my colleagues,…”.
– Christophe

“I hold 5 positions which makes my job exciting”.
– Olivier

software engineering

Our mission
The software engineering team imagines and creates Wide, a game changing unique “no-code” software designed by and for the industry.

We make data analytics easy.

Meet the engineers
Learn from the experience and live of our software developers at WideTech.

“At a developer, I have a real impact on functionalities”.
– Hugues

business development

Our mission
Our role is to represent WideTech around the world. We go along with manufacturers in their quest for the best solution to reconnect their different divisions, manage their data & improve their processes.

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Recruiting process
Just like for our products, we want the recruiting process to be as simple as possible. Therefore, we commit on a clear recruitment journey.

Simplicity is our DNA.


Our HR Vision

At WideTech, we are not only looking for highly skilled colleagues. We also look for challenging and ambitious personalities making their job, colleagues and teams grow.

As an HR director, I’m available to answer your questions quickly and frankly.

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