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WideTech provides the most efficient no code software platform to easily exploit your process data and get the best out of it.



Improve the maintenance of instrumentation and equipment.

Monitor process performance and take early action in case of deviations.

Provide accurate production accounting data – both for allocation and reservoir models.


More reliable and accurate process data leads to greater profitability of your assets.

Clearer, more accurate view of your process performance.

Faster detection of deviations/issues.

Easier to identify improvement opportunities.

Better allocation
of production.

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WiDE our intuitive, easy-to-use no code software platform empowers people so they can actually transform data into value in their day to day life.

No need for a development team to start exploiting your data. In a few clicks, create an application, connect it to your data sources and start getting data. WiDE will directly provide a quality diagnostic and detect missing values, flat signals or out of range values. Drop a few lines of Python code to calculate KPIs like hours of operation, production rates or efficiencies. With another few clicks, create your first dashboard and start emailing it to your colleagues.

But there is much more than that in WiDE. You can define your validation and approval workflows, configure alarms, define operating modes, enter logbook entries to add and share contextual information.

Interested in more advanced thermodynamic based calculations ? Look no further, WiDE is your solution… And with the Python language integrated in the platform, you have access to over 290,000 packages with a wide range of functionality including data analytics, scientific computing or machine learning.




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