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the machine

WideTech provides industrial data-reporting solutions. We offer our tool, WiDE, and the business expertise of our engineers. The developer department is responsible for WiDE.


WiDE offers 5 layers of capabilities

Structuring and contextualizing data
Collecting, validating and qualifying data
Calculating indicators (KPIs)
Presenting data (reporting)
Sharing information (e-mail automation,…)

A dual mission

First of all, we develop a unique software that meets the needs of the industry. Secondly, we provide the necessary technical support.

A team to power the machine

We seek to maintain positive momentum, true team spirit and freedom of action.


The three pillars of our philosophy

We develop a positive atmosphere and maintain permanent contact between colleagues as part of a talented and dynamic team.

We believe in personal development. We encourage continuous learning by dedicating four hours a week to training, education or testing new ideas.

We commit to quality code and software. We organize systematic proofreading of codes and regularly test it externally with dedicated softwares.

Meet Hugues

Software Developer

“… As a Developer I have a real impact on the features and the product…”.

First but… not last

I graduated as a Civil Engineer in 2007 with a focus on Chemistry. I was the first employee at WideTech. I’m a self-trained developer and have been the manager of the software development department since 2013.

Constantly challenging myself

One of the biggest challenges we encounter in the software-development team is that technology is always evolving. We have to constantly adapt Wide, develop it and adopt the latest best practices, such as Angular or React…

Basically, I have to challenge myself every day.

Top sport level as a target

WiDE is a web application that we developed in-house. I’m proud of it and I enjoy developing it further. The product is used around the world and has a real customer impact, so this is a major responsibility.

WiDE is an evolving product. It uses various technologies, such as AngularJS, .net, external APIs, processing Python algorithms, SQL and the PostgreSQL database. In fact, we are training, learning and growing along the way.

Turning ideas into reality

The atmosphere is particularly good and we progress using team coaching and sharing. I think that we’re constantly evolving on both a human and technical level.

As a Developer, I have a real impact on the features and the product. In simple terms, we bring our clients’ and colleagues’ ideas to life.

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