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WiDE V2.9: Supporting business continuity !

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Business continuity is one of the major challenge these days. More than ever digital tools are there to help you exchange information/knowledge, ease collaboration, and in the end take actions to produce in safe and efficient conditions. During these last 6 months, we’ve worked hard on our WiDE platform and we are very happy to announce that we have just released the version 2.9 with following new features:

  • A brand new ticketing system to allow users to create tickets, assign actions to their peers and follow-up progress in view of putting in place continuous improvement processes
  • An improved data interface to business systems (SAP) to export production figures, production losses, etc. in their context
  • A better user management system to support the ticketing system and ease to know in which applications users have a role
  • New dashboard widgets to improve data visualization (approval table, gauges, etc.)
  • Parallelization of online jobs to improve performance when running several WiDE applications on the same server
  • An enhanced security system where password policy is now aligned with NIST guidelines
  • And more…

If you need more information, please feel free to connect… We will be pleased to answer the questions you may have regarding our WiDE software.

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