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WiDE V2.7 : just embrace digital transformation

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How to embrace digital transformation and get reliable operations data at hand ? Just start somewhere with our data management platform WiDE… WiDE is there to help you integrating data from different sources, determining its quality, calculating material balances KPIs, validating and approving the information, posting the information into your ERP system, etc. all this in an automated and secured way.

Here are some applications built by WideTech in close collaboration with our customers in different sectors :

Oil & Gas

  • Monitoring of Multi-Phase Flow Meters
  • Daily production balances and back allocation of Oil fields
  • Automated Gas Report system incl. Fiscal meters validation



  • Site WiDE material/energy balance
  • Integrity Operating Windows (API RP 584)
  • Rotating Equipment Monitoring


The version 2.7 of our WiDE platform has just been released with several new features like:

  • Improvement of user logbook entries so they can easily be used as input for Root Cause Analysis
  • Improvement of WiDE charms to allow acknowledgement of detected problems and access to relevant information from WiDE logs
  • Dashboards structure to allow user to group dashboards (tree, favorite), search in dashboard and more.
  • Implementation of new Python methods to among others acquire raw measurement data or access process states calculation results
  • Single Sign On (SSO) functionality to allow user to be automatically logged in WiDE application using his Windows domain account
  • Migration to new version of Angular to benefit from the breaking changes brought by Angular 6 and stay on the edge of the development stream
  • And more…


We are always interested in getting your feedback about our development planning. Please send us your advice or questions to info@widetech.com.

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