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WiDE V2.6 : from operations to business

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How to digitalize your process to get reliable daily operations data into your ERP system for accurate cost price, invoicing, production planning ? Look no further, we have your solution… For doing this, you will need to integrate data from different sources, determine its quality, calculate material balances KPIs, validate and approve the information, post the information into your ERP system, etc. all this in an automated and secured way.

The version 2.6 of our WiDE platform has just been released with several new features like:

  • Improved model templates to ease asset model building
  • Widened set of connection points to ease data integration and get data from data lake or simply folders
  • Additional functionality to write validated data back to your preferred data historian or ERP system (SAP)
  • More flexible work flow with improved reporting of scheduled task to ease application troubleshooting
  • Enhanced dashboard widgets to among other add shapes in your scatter plots or show logbook entries in your trends
  • WiDE Excel add-in to download your validated data directly into MS-Excel
  • Integration with your Active Directory to streamline teamwork and security
  • and more…

We are always interested in getting your feedback about our development planning. Please send us your advice or questions to info@widetech.com.