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WiDE V2.4 : take sound decision

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In the last few years, companies started to experience and continue to be overwhelmed by a flood of data that needs to be somehow managed. And company executives are increasingly realising that this data is the foundation of intelligence and an increasingly important asset although, in many ways, intangible. So, what is the value of these volumes of data?

Look no further ! The version 2.4 of our WiDE platform has just been released with several new features like:

  • Handling approval to secure validated data
  • Model templates and diffing to ease model building
  • Increased connectivity to plant data acquisition and historization system (Wonderware/Archestra, OsiSoft/PI-AF, etc)
  • Embedded calculation of compressibility factors of natural gas and other related hydrocarbon gases (AGA 8)
  • Integrity Operating Windows (IOW’s) monitoring for process safety management (API recommended practice 584)
  • Enhanced automated workflow allowing to send event-based mails (for IOW’s notifications)
  • Widened set of dashboard widgets to further shape your user-configurable dashboards
  • and more

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