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WiDE V2.2: insight in your plant operations

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You have countless disseminated data ? You don’t know what to monitor ? And moreover you don’t know if raw data is good or bad ?

Look no further ! The version 2.2 of our WiDE platform has just been released. More than ever, we remain committed to develop a software allowing to build operations intelligence solutions, to help you ensuring assets reliability and maximizing its performance or productivity.

This new release comes with several new features:

  • Handling manual inputs to input manual data at predefined frequency
  • Model and dashboard kitting to ease models and reports development work and further their maintenance
  • Exploitation of local sensors redundancy
  • Increased connectivity to plant data acquisition and historization system (OPC HDA) to exchange archived process data from OPC compliant data sources
  • Enhanced automated workflow allowing to send mails automatically
  • Improved visualization feature by exploiting occurrence matrix to highlight when and why a Key Performance Indice is detected as invalid or suspicious
  • Widened set of dashboard widgets to further shape your user-configurable dashboards
  • and more

We are always interested in getting your feedback about our development planning. Please send us your advice or questions to info@widetech.com.

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