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WiDE V2.11: Going for open-source relational database

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With this new release, WiDE is now featuring PostgreSQL, the World’s Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database. So now, it is up to you to configure your WiDE database in MS-SQL or in PostgreSQL to store your data. It brings more flexibility to WiDE infrastructure while lowering the cost of ownership.

You will also benefit from the following brand new features:

  • A new diagnostic page that shows the status of online / reprocessing tasks on a group by group basis
  • A contextual help allowing the user to access directly relevant documentation topics according to selected page and user role
  • New event based actions triggered based on alarms and quality issues
  • Performance improvement when loading data in dashboards
  • A new way to upload your preferred engineering units
  • A new model integrity page that brings WiDE to a new level of quality improvement. Not only it makes sure that you are using the right data, it now ensures the quality of the application itself, by detecting calculation loops, missing mapping of identifiers or incoherence in dashboards configuration
  • As always, new dashboard widgets to improve data visualization
  • And more…

To illustrate WiDE, see below screenshot of an Oil Flow Metering application developed based on WiDE for Total E&P. These applications aim at validating / monitoring Multi-Phase Flow Meters (MPFM) in combination with Virtual Flow Measurement techniques in view of

  • Detecting wrong measurements having an impact on oil production rates, gas/water injection rates and finally reservoir behavior
  • Helping focusing on measurements that need to be maintained
  • improving back allocation and MPFM information in the same application.


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