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WiDE V2.1: integration in your day-to-day business work

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The version 2.1 of our WiDE platform has just been released. More than ever, we remain committed to develop a software allowing to build intelligence operation solutions that:

  • ease the life of our customers with the aim to do more with less,
  • allow to start small but scale fast,
  • address the key business questions with the right level of complexity,
  • provide reliable diagnostics and alarms with efficient embedded dashboards and reports

to, in the end, drive the user to action.

We are eager to come and present you this release 2.1 with the following new features:

  • Security by implementing user roles to secure applications while promoting collaboration and share of information,
  • Interoperability by integrating third party software (ProSim/Simulis Thermodyamics) to enhance WiDE capabilities in thermodynamics,
  • Visualization of KPIs with a clear view of their quality, context and trend vs targets,
  • Statistics with a first step into Statistical Process Control with individual and moving range control charts,
  • And last but not least, performance by using latest web technologies to ensure optimal performance and application sustainability.

We are interested in getting your feedback about our development planning. Please send us your advice or questions to info@widetech.com.

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