WideTech - Data with a Difference


WiDE – data validation software developed by WideTech – is built using one of the latest web-based toolkits with analytical tools that work on raw measurement data stored in historian systems. It provides assistance to the complex task of monitoring a typical production system with potentially many hundreds of data feeds – where, for example, disturbances in the system appear like sensor failure, or conversely, actual sensor failure is masked.


WiDE monitors the validity of sensor measurement in whichever ‘process state’ the production system is currently in and detects device failure or degradation in equipment/process performances. The tools used consist of a mix of data driven techniques and first principle thermodynamic models built into the algorithms that have been developed. The key differentiator relies in achieving a highly effective balance between those two approaches: data driven and thermodynamic based.

Critical information that is generated is highlighted to monitoring engineers in almost real-time and allows early decisions to be made so that safe, efficient operations can continue and remedial action, where necessary, can be planned.

If you are eager to learn more about WiDE, please contact us or visit the downloads section.

Localizable interface

WiDE features a localizable User Interface (UI) with easy language switching and multilingual search. It already supports English, French, Dutch and Russian. From the UI, you can select your preferred language and your WiDE interface will dynamically switch to match your settings. For languages not yet included, WiDE provides easily updated resource files for additional language support, which can be implemented at request.

Model and code

Model and code
WiDE allows you to organize your measurements in a flexible asset model and easily define equations and KPIs through Python scripts. These scripts can easily be saved in libraries shared throughout various models and applications.
The asset model can also be used to derive rules from history in order to automatically identify process state and identify deviations from expected operation.

Thermodynamic packages

WiDE is powered by ProSim/Simulis Thermodynamics for advanced thermodynamic calculations.  WiDE and Simulis Thermodynamics will enable you to:
  • Use the best thermodynamic representation of your system,
  • Perpetuate your expertise with easily created “Property Packages” that include all elements needed for further calculations (pure components properties, mixture models,interaction coefficients, etc.),
  • Distribute these “Property Packages” throughout your organization in order for them to be used in your usual, CAPE-OPEN compliant, software.


WiDE integrates seamlessly in your IT environment with standard data interfaces to exchange information directly manually with you or automatically with external systems such as process historian (Osisoft PI, Honeywell PHD, etc), production or lab databases (MS-SQL, Oracle, etc).

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards
Build custom dashboards in a few seconds to expose your KPIs the way you want see them:
  • KPI gauges with trend, target, acceptable range and dynamic alarming with drill down capabilities
  • Trends and bar graphs with aggregated data per hours, days, weeks, or any time period you chose
  • Scatter plots
  • Tables
Of course, printing your dashboards is just a click away.

User and Roles

User roles
User Roles define what a user can do in an application. WiDE has a number of predefined user roles:
  • Administrator : can create and delete applications, manage user roles in the different applications and edit connections
  • Master: can create and edit dashboards, review and update manual inputs, approve data, etc.
  • Engineer: can change the model and the dashboards
  • Operator: can enter manual inputs and drive the application on a daily basis
  • Reader: can only navigate within an application without right to edit or modify
A user can have several roles in an application. In such a case he will inherit all permissions granted to any of his roles.