WideTech - Data with a Difference


WiDE gathers data from different sources at set time intervals. Once data has been acquired, sensor data is analyzed one by one as well as by group so that early failures or suspect sensors are quickly identified. The accuracy and reliability of the data is established before it is used by other modules.


At the same time, different process states are identified, such as: startup, shutdown, steady-state, and different operating regimes.

The simultaneous identification of process state and suspect sensors is a key element of our technology. Indeed, sensors behave differently depending on process state.

Using the information about the sensors and the process state, replacement values are provided for the suspect data including their uncertainty.

Once the data has been validated, it is either sent to other third party applications or used by the built-in modules. These modules have different dashboards that provide insights into the performance of different indicators, how the sensors are performing, as well as listing improvement opportunities.


WiDE’s main features:
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Provides improved data to third party applications
  • Modular approach serves different types of users
  • Web interface
  • Provides insight into your process performance and recommendations on how to improve it