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WideTech, at GI Preview 2021…

WideTech will be pitching its WiDE no code software platform at GI Preview, a fully digital event organized from June 22 to June 23, 2021.

GI Preview is a great opportunity to benefit from exclusive exchanges before the Smart Industries exhibition that will take place later this year in Lyon, France. Let’s first get in touch at GI Preview… to hopefully be able to shake hands at Smart Industries !


ENGIE Solutions et WideTech SA s’associent

ENGIE Solutions et WideTech SA s’associent désormais pour fournir des solutions intégrées aux industriels qui souhaitent progresser dans la digitalisation de leurs processus de reporting. Ce partenariat inscrit ENGIE Solutions et WideTech dans un écosystème en pleine croissance de solutions technologiques innovantes 4.0.

ENGIE Solutions et WideTech SA offriront des solutions de digitalisation pour le reporting dans les domaines suivants :

  • comptabilité de production
  • efficacité globale des équipements
  • surveillance des processus
  • système de gestion de l’énergie




WideTech, at AUTOMA 2021 !

WideTech will once again be exhibiting its WiDE no code software platform at Automa 2021 congress organized around a digital networking platform from April 19 to April 21, 2021.

We will be pleased to show you among others how WiDE helps :

  • TOTAL to monitor multi-phase flow meters and back allocate its reconciled production in both offshore and onshore wells
  • OQ to automate both nomination process and gas reporting to its customers
  • VARO Refining Cressier SA to calculate and monitor energy indexes of each of the units on an hourly basis
  • Yara to make sure they operate their plant within controlled Integrity Operating Windows and to automate the validation and reporting of production figures to SAP.


Please note that William Freyermuth, Energy and CO2 Coordinator at VARO, will also be participating to this congress.  He will be pleased to share with you how he has been able to deploy WiDE and build an automated energy monitoring application, mostly by himself and with minimum training.


WiDE V2.11: Going for open-source relational database

With this new release, WiDE is now featuring PostgreSQL, the World’s Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database. So now, it is up to you to configure your WiDE database in MS-SQL or in PostgreSQL to store your data. It brings more flexibility to WiDE infrastructure while lowering the cost of ownership.

You will also benefit from the following brand new features:

  • A new diagnostic page that shows the status of online / reprocessing tasks on a group by group basis
  • A contextual help allowing the user to access directly relevant documentation topics according to selected page and user role
  • New event based actions triggered based on alarms and quality issues
  • Performance improvement when loading data in dashboards
  • A new way to upload your preferred engineering units
  • A new model integrity page that brings WiDE to a new level of quality improvement. Not only it makes sure that you are using the right data, it now ensures the quality of the application itself, by detecting calculation loops, missing mapping of identifiers or incoherence in dashboards configuration
  • As always, new dashboard widgets to improve data visualization
  • And more…

To illustrate WiDE, see below screenshot of an Oil Flow Metering application developed based on WiDE for Total E&P. These applications aim at validating / monitoring Multi-Phase Flow Meters (MPFM) in combination with Virtual Flow Measurement techniques in view of

  • Detecting wrong measurements having an impact on oil production rates, gas/water injection rates and finally reservoir behavior
  • Helping focusing on measurements that need to be maintained
  • improving back allocation and MPFM information in the same application.


If you need more information, please feel free to connect…


WiDE V2.10: Empowering data thanks to Python 3.8

With this new release, WiDE is now embedding Python version 3.8 opening the door to SciPy, a Python-based ecosystem of open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering. Don’t be afraid, installing this new WiDE release won’t force you to rewrite all your Python scripts as both Python environments (version 2.7 and 3.8) are working seamlessly allowing you to work with the environment you prefer and/or to move step by step from one version to the other.

But version 2.10 is more than just the integration of Python 3… It features:

  • A new Markdown editor to ease the documentation of your dashboards
  • New dashboard widgets to improve data visualization… To name but one, the alarms heat map allows you to show  the frequency of alarms as color by group. The variation of color intensity gives you obvious visual cues about how the alarms are clustered over your groups
  • An brand new Task Scheduler to automatically launch actions like reprocessing tasks on event
  • A new connection point to Talk2M DataMailbox to increase connectivity with third-party data sources
  • Updates of third-party libraries used by WiDE to their latest version, for more secure and efficient operation
  • And more…


To illustrate WiDE, see below screenshot of our software presented by Yara Tertre, one of our customers, during the sessions dedicated to the BEMAS Asset Performance 4.0 Award 2020. If you need more information, please feel free to connect…


WiDE V2.9: Supporting business continuity !

Business continuity is one of the major challenge these days. More than ever digital tools are there to help you exchange information/knowledge, ease collaboration, and in the end take actions to produce in safe and efficient conditions. During these last 6 months, we’ve worked hard on our WiDE platform and we are very happy to announce that we have just released the version 2.9 with following new features:

  • A brand new ticketing system to allow users to create tickets, assign actions to their peers and follow-up progress in view of putting in place continuous improvement processes
  • An improved data interface to business systems (SAP) to export production figures, production losses, etc. in their context
  • A better user management system to support the ticketing system and ease to know in which applications users have a role
  • New dashboard widgets to improve data visualization (approval table, gauges, etc.)
  • Parallelization of online jobs to improve performance when running several WiDE applications on the same server
  • An enhanced security system where password policy is now aligned with NIST guidelines
  • And more…

If you need more information, please feel free to connect… We will be pleased to answer the questions you may have regarding our WiDE software.


WideTech present @ Indumation Network Event

WideTech will be visiting INE 2020 organized in Leuven on March 5, 2020. Tagged this year “Everything you wanted to know about Industrial Automation4.0… but didn’t dare to ask”, INE 2020 is a VIP networking event oriented towards innovation, automatization and digitalization.

It is obviously a great place to share ideas, present new features of our WiDE software and answer the questions you may have regarding the software solutions we deliver to help plants be successful with digital transformation. So see you there to listen to the challenges you face when riding the digital wave…


WiDE V2.8 : Wanna go for smart data… Pick WiDE !

WiDE is all about smart data for the process industry. It connects people with timely, meaningful insights, organized and packaged to be accessible, understandable, and actionable for everyday tasks.

To connect WiDE to virtually any sensor even if not connected to an historian, FaST, a new WideTech software, is born ! It acquires measurement data in real time from Exor Jmobile systems so that it can be easily consumed and processed through WiDE.

On top of this, the version 2.8 of our WiDE platform comes with several new features like:

  • Application documentation page to give guidelines to users on the daily use of their applications
  • Conditional alarming to link alarms and states detection so that alarms are raised only if your process is in predefined states (for example only if your process is up and running)
  • Target identifiers opening the door to forecasting and dynamic targeting (actual measurement versus what was forecasted and/or what is targeted)
  • Processing in future to for example calculate your stock levels based on expected production planning
  • Dashboard access rights to address the right information to the right users and/or roles
  • Interactive dashboards to input data in a context
  • Linked dashboards to navigate between dashboard widgets in a single click
  • And more…

We are always interested in getting your feedback about our development planning. Please send us your advice or questions to info@widetech.com.


WideTech, Gold Sponsor of the CAPE Forum 2019

WideTech is supporting the CAPE Forum 2019 as Gold Sponsor. During this event, Hervé Closon (Business Development Manager at WideTech) will make a presentation within Session 1 on the topic:

  • Implementation of an Automated Site Wide Production Accounting System at Yara Tertre


To make it short, CAPE Forum is a series of yearly small-scale but highly interactive conferences organized under supervision of the Computer-Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) Working Party of the European Federation for Chemical Engineering (EFCE). The aim is to expose PhD students, researchers and industrial practitioners from across Europe to cutting edge developments in both academia and industry in the field of Computer-Aided Process Engineering.

And last but not least, this congress takes place soon in the home town of WideTech, Liège, Belgium on November 24-26.