WideTech - Data with a Difference


In process industries, measurements are the foundations to control production and ensure safe and efficient operations. However most of the time they are stored disseminated, unstructured and unqualified.

In this context, it is always a difficult task for monitoring engineers to gather data with a view of gaining an utterly comprehensive and reliable picture of operations. And even if this is achieved, it is usually a long time after appropriate action should have been taken.

Being able to gather information and assess its quality in near real-time mode is the challenge for which WideTech provides solutions, thereby enabling informed and better decisions to be made at the right time.


Improve the maintenance of instrumentation and equipment
⇒ Reduce risks of operation (failures, unwanted shutdowns, etc)


Monitor process performance
⇒ Reduce performance losses and find ways of improvement


Provide quality data – both for production or energy accounting
⇒ Reduce time spent on turning information into assets