WideTech - Data with a Difference


Alain Niessen - Chief Operating Officer
Alain is commercial engineer and has 35 years of experience in commercial (B2B) and SME general management.
He has successfully developed and managed several different companies. He previously held the role of General Manager of Belsim where he grew the company 20% over 2 years.
In addition, Alain is a judge at the Commercial Court of Liège (Belgium).
As Chief Executive Officer, Alain is the ultimate executive of the company and responsible of your satisfaction ! He is the head of finance and administration.
Bruno Vrielynck - Chief Technical Officer
Bruno Vrielynck
Bruno has more than 25 years of experience in data validation and reconciliation. For the past 20 years, he has been a successful consultant for numerous projects in the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry as well as in the energy sector. His list of clients includes TOTAL, Saudi Aramco, GDF Suez, BP, Dana Petroleum, Hess Corporation, SATORP, and EDF.
Bruno has extensive software development experience having participated in the design and development of the data validation and reconciliation package VALI.
As Chief Technical Officer, Bruno is in charge of the engineering team at WideTech and also the product owner of WiDE (in-house software for Data Validation). As product owner, he is the key stakeholder in the development of WiDE, responsible to understand your current and future needs and translate them into a global vision and a strategy to develop WiDE. He is of course the one you have to contact if you have specific needs or ideas of development.
Hervé Closon - Business Development Manager
Hervé has more than 15 years of experience in oil & gas sector, in engineering services and in prospection of new markets and customers.
Hervé has gained knowledge in processes by implementing Data Validation and Reconciliation systems for performance monitoring as well as for production accounting or by evaluating and calculating revamps for customers like Saudi Aramco, Total, BP, Yara, Air Liquide, Electrabel, etc.
As Business Development Manager, Hervé is dealing with you to understand your needs and translate them into a scope of work. If you want to understand what your data are trying to tell you, or if you have a specific question regarding our engineering services or our Data Validation software WiDE, he is the one you have to contact.
Hugues Stefanski - Software Development Manager
Hugues holds a Master degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Liège.
He has more than 5 years of experience in data reconciliation projects for companies like Saudi Aramco, Société Ivoirienne de Raffinage, Ar-Razi and Air Liquide.
Hugues also participated in the design and development of the data validation and reconciliation package VALI.
As Software Development Manager, Hugues is in charge of the development team, responsible for the architecture of WiDE (in house software for Data Validation), its development, and its releases. He is the one who will help you with the installation, integration, deployment and use of WiDE solutions.