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WideTech embraces AngularJS

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WideTech is developing a new version of its user interface, based on the latest web technologies. Powered by AngularJS, this new interface is focused on delivering an improved user experience, by improving response time and reporting capabilities. First oriented to a deeper analysis of the results, it will be augmented until total replacement of the former version of WiDE. Here are some of the key features of this new version:

  • Full web – no dependency on any .NET assembly
  • Faster and less traffic – a lot less trip to the server due to more client-side handling
  • Pre-defined dashboards – a list of out-of-the-box dashboards is available
  • Customizable dashboards – use a grid to place standard widgets and create your own custom views
  • Conditional coloring of trends – immediately identify problematic zones in the trend of your data
  • Compatible with all devices: tablet, phone or computer

Prepare to be amazed! This new version is expected to be out at the end of June 2015.