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WiDE V2.0: thermodynamic calculation

WiDE V2.0 is now powered by ProSim/Simulis Thermodynamics for advanced thermodynamic calculations.  WiDE and Simulis Thermodynamics will enable you to:

  • Use the best thermodynamic representation of your system,
  • Perpetuate your expertise with easily created “Property Packages” that include all elements needed for further calculations (pure components properties, mixture models,interaction coefficients, etc.),
  • Distribute these “Property Packages” throughout your organization in order for them to be used in your usual, CAPE-OPEN compliant, software.

ProSim is a French independent company we know for a long time with headquarter in Toulouse (France) and a branch in Philadelphia (United States of America). The company is bringing a very promising combination of a state of the art suite of process simulation software and corresponding domain expertise. ProSim solutions are designed notably for applications in the refining, gas treatment and chemical industries. For more information, please visit ProSim web site.