WideTech - Data with a Difference

WideTech celebrates its second anniversary

We are happy to announce that we have crossed another milestone in the history of our company. WideTech is celebrating the second anniversary of its start-up on July 15th. The start is exciting and the future inspiring. This last year proved it with the opening of a new branch in Dubai and the arrivals of:

  • Hervé, David and Khalid to support the business development,
  • Philippe to strengthen the software development.

We want to thank our customers, partners and shareholders who trust us to deliver best in class services and solutions. Your challenges and continuous feedback are truly appreciated and are helping us to go ahead and find ways of improvement.

Everyone plays a very important role in the development of the company… And in the future, we want to keep a label of innovation and quality and participate in building the future of operation information systems for the process industry.

Thanks again to all of you for your continuous support.



WiDE V2.0: interactive and fully customizable dashboard

The second version of our WiDE platform has just been released. As from the very beginning of WideTech’s operation 2 years ago, we remain committed to develop a software allowing to build intelligence operation solutions that:

  • ease the life of our customers with the aim to do more with less,
  • allow to start small but scale fast,
  • address the key business questions with the right level of complexity,
  • provide reliable diagnostics and alarms with efficient embedded dashboards and reports

to in the end, drive the user to action.

We are super excited to come and present you this new release featuring among others:

  •  a brand new user interface, based on AngularJS framework,
  • fully automated dashboards exposing quality issues of your data with one-click drill-down facilities: bad data, flat, scattered or out of range sensors,
  • custom printable dashboards built in a few seconds to expose your KPIs the way you want to see them,
  • easy imports/exports of models between servers,
  • dynamic alarming popping out from widgets to dashboards so that you are directly driven to action,
  • intuitive and near-instantaneous zooming in/out and browsing through history.

We are interested in getting your feedback about WiDE – our data validation platform. Please send us your advice or questions through replies to info@widetech.com.

Release V2


Meet us at the business day of IRPC 2015 in Abu Dhabi on June 1st

We will be present at the business day organized on June 1st, 2015 in the frame of the International Refining & Petrochemical Conference (IRPC) that will be held in Abu Dhabi from June 1st to 3rd, 2015. This event is organized for the first time in the Middle East and moreover in conjunction with ADIPEC, exhibition that we are used to attend.

IRPC is an excellent opportunity to get the inside track on refining/petrochemical integration, energy policy, heavy oil, emerging technologies, maintenance and reliability,etc. and also to learn how WiDE – our data validation platform – makes sense when it comes to performance/production monitoring and asset predictive maintenance.

This famous conference will be a great chance for us to share with you the latest updates of our company, software and services.



Kick-off: WiDE for Asset Performance Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

We are proud to announce that we started end of February a project to assess WiDE, our data validation software, with a major player in the chemical industry to improve asset performance monitoring and predictive maintenance.

In the process industry, next to safety, reliability is the key topic that operations have to ensure, monitor and constantly improve. That’s why asset performance monitoring is most of the time part of the continuous improvement program put in place.

The final goals are on one side to reduce unscheduled downtime and on the other side to improve planning of turnaround activities by getting a better insight into asset performance in turn reducing risks of unforeseen investments/activities and extra time needed.

Let’s now make our customer happy by delivering an improved insight into asset performances and demonstrate the capabilities of WiDE, our data validation software.



WideTech welcomes Khalid Adahman

We are very happy to welcome Khalid Adahman at WideTech.

Khalid is joining the business development team as Branch Manager for WideTech Middle East and as such will be based in our brand new office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Khalid has a long experience in developing businesses in Europe and in the Middle East. He is a real citizen of the world and a true multi-linguist – he speaks Spanish, French, English and Arabic. He was born and studied in Belgium till 1996. He then began his career in Spain where he lived and worked (running his own business) for more than 10 years and moved to Dubai two years ago to work in the industrial automation solutions/software for the Oil and Gas Industry.

As Branch Manager in the Middle East, Khalid is going to market WiDE – our Data Validation software – and develop the business in the Oil and Gas industry of the GCC region with the aim of helping you mastering the ever increasing amount of process measurement data.

Join us to celebrate Khalid’s arrival and welcome him in a world of continuous improvement ! Salam alaykoum, Khalid ! Bienvenue à toi ! Bienvenido, señor !

Flags GCC


WideTech opens a new branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We are more than delighted to announce that WideTech is expanding by opening a new branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our new office, WideTech Middle East, will be located at Dubai Airport Free Zone Building 7W A Office 3007, P.O. Box: 371216, just next to the Dubai International Airport.

Contact details are:
Tel: +971 4 253 34 07
Fax: +971 4 253 34 09

In our wish to bring our WiDE data validation solutions in the Middle East, this new branch will be a great opportunity to facilitate our presence in the region, to ease communication and to get even better understanding of your needs.
It will be our pleasure to meet you at our new location and help you mastering the ever increasing amount of process measurement data with WiDE – our software solution for data validation. We hope to see you there.

Dubai office


WideTech embraces AngularJS

WideTech is developing a new version of its user interface, based on the latest web technologies. Powered by AngularJS, this new interface is focused on delivering an improved user experience, by improving response time and reporting capabilities. First oriented to a deeper analysis of the results, it will be augmented until total replacement of the former version of WiDE. Here are some of the key features of this new version:

  • Full web – no dependency on any .NET assembly
  • Faster and less traffic – a lot less trip to the server due to more client-side handling
  • Pre-defined dashboards – a list of out-of-the-box dashboards is available
  • Customizable dashboards – use a grid to place standard widgets and create your own custom views
  • Conditional coloring of trends – immediately identify problematic zones in the trend of your data
  • Compatible with all devices: tablet, phone or computer

Prepare to be amazed! This new version is expected to be out at the end of June 2015.



WideTech participates to Microsoft Tech Days and NG-NL

Following our motivation to be on the edge of the technology and stay up-to-date with the evolution of the software development community, we will participate to the Microsoft Tech Days in Paris on 10-11 Feb 2015. The Microsoft Tech Days event is the digital innovation meeting point for IT professionals, developers and business decision makers.

Additionally… and fortunately, we managed to get one of the last tickets to attend the very wanted NG-NL Conference in Amsterdam on 13 Feb 2015. This will give us the opportunity to attend sessions and workshops about AngularJS and related topics and to meet with the European community of AngularJS developers.

Hope to see you there!


WideTech welcomes David

We are proud and happy to welcome David Humphrey at WideTech.

David is joining the business development team. He comes with a lot of ideas to market WiDE – our Data Validation software – in the process industry with the aim of helping you mastering the ever increasing amount of process measurement data.

David holds extensive experience in growing businesses in the oil & gas industry and worked notably for big names like Schlumberger, Halliburton and Roxar.

And by the way, David lives in London. So if you are in or go through London, feel free to contact him and get more information about our process engineering expertise and solutions.